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The precious "helping hand"


When walking barefoot, the reflex zones of the foot are stimulated by every step we take.

This means that all parts of our body, skeleton, muscles, organs, cells are naturally and energetically affected by the blood flow. 


Our lifestyle has taken us away from this natural formula for good health.

Reflexology brings us back to this possibility of regeneration, not by chance, but with the ability to touch with precision certain areas that need to be stimulated or soothed to set in motion self-healing processes. 



Literally with this precious nudge.


In fact, each body zone, organ or gland has a corresponding area on the foot.


These are called "reflex zones".


Thus, the application of pressure on some of these zones makes it possible to localise tensions and to restore the balance of the corresponding part of the body.


Thanks to the stimuli sent via pressure on the skin, the nervous system is stimulated

the nervous system is stimulated and activates certain physiological responses which can be of a motor, glandular or visceral nature.


Each organ can thus be targeted very precisely and addressed in its individual need. 


When walking barefoot, our foot reflex zones are stimulated with each step we take. 


Foot reflexology energises the body, harmonises vital functions, relieves stress and nervous tension.


It relieves back tension and other physical pains, improves blood circulation, brings relaxation and deep relaxation, activates the lymphatic system and relaxes the muscles.


But the well-being brought by foot reflexology is also psychological.


Thanks to the mental relaxation and the evacuation of limiting emotions often shared between the person and the reflexologist during the session.


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a reflexology session

After the initial taking of your personal data and a sharing of your general health, you are invited to lie comfortably on your back on a massage bed. 


A blanket is placed over you for your comfort if you wish.


First, the focus is on the placement of the body and the balancing of your meridians. Then the treatment of the feet can begin.


High quality and completely natural oils are used, according to your specific needs. You can relax completely for the duration of the session.


Christine will ask you regularly about the feeling of certain points in the reflexology areas to address your body's needs accurately.


Regularly and in a very natural way a deep exchange takes place through talking. And then often there will be a pleasant silence that will give way to deep relaxation. 

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