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being in creation - becoming a parent

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Accompanying future mothers

The arrival of a child

An exciting stage of life, filled with expectation, joy and perhaps also anxiety and apprehension.

Being "in creation", carrying your child inside you and becoming Mum and Dad, often brings many questions to the surface:


How will I handle the birth?

Will I be a good Dad? A good Mum?

What were my childhood experiences? Pleasant ones? Do I still have events to digest?

How do I want to welcome my child into the world?

What are my views on the education, the way of life that I would like to pass on to my child/children?


It is up to us to recognise the importance of our feelings and desires.

It is important to address these issues, if they are not at peace, in order to create a welcoming space for our child where he/she will feel safe to flourish.


This is where Christine will focus all her attention: on your needs, your experiences, your knowledge and especially your expectations, in order to create a personalised support. The aim is to make you feel listened to and guided through this unique phase of your life.


Whether your needs are physical, psychological or mental. Through awareness and education, Christine offers foot reflexology and PSYCH-K® treatments as well as natural childbirth preparation courses, to meet your needs.


Parenthood... not always easy in the beginning.

Yes, it's true, baby doesn't come into the world with a manual.

It's a whole personal discovery to be experienced. Meeting between Mum, Dad and Baby.

When your child is trying to express himself and has a physical or emotional problem and does not yet have the words to express himself, how will he do it?

how will they do it?

Often the only way to express their discomfort is through physical symptoms or screaming and crying, which often leaves us feeling helpless.


Give Baby a voice!

It is with the tool of subrogation that Christine proposes to enter into communication with your child, when he presents behaviours or symptoms that simply do not make sense to you.


It is then through the muscle test, practiced on one of the parents, that communication can often bring more clarity and new leads in the accompaniment of your child.


Christine offers face-to-face or video sessions

(Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp)


A session usually lasts 1 hour 


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After baby's arrival
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