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Her Path

Mon Parcours

1999 Reiki 1, Jagran Easten School, Sheffield (England)

2000 Reiki 2, Jagran Easten School, Sheffield (England)

2003 Reiki Master, Jagran School, Halifax (Canada)

2005 Opening of my Reiki Center, The White Space, Halifax (Canada)

2006 NGH Hypnotherapist Diploma, Halifax- Canada

2007 NLP certification with Richard Bandler, Orlando (USA)

2013 Certification in HypnoBirthing, Marie Mongan, (Netherlands)

2015 Baby Foot Reflexology, Ingeborg Steiner School, Biel (Switzerland)

2016 Diploma in Reflexology, Ingeborg Steiner School, Biel (Switzerland)

2018 Baby speaks training, Brigitte Denis, Canada

2018 PSYCH-K Basic Workshop, Martine Tondeur, Toulouse (France)

2018 PSYCH-K Advanced Workshop, Martine Tondeur, Brussels (Belgium) 

2018 PSYCH-K Health and Wellness Workshop, Duccio Locati, Louvin (Belgium)

2019 PSYCH-K Master Facilitation Workshop, Martine Tondeur, Brussels

2019 PSYCH-K Divin Retreat, Sabrina Kiermeier, Schöndorf (Germany)

2020 Neuroscience Training, Cherine Fahim, Vaumarcus (Switzerland)

2021 Neuroembriology Training, Cherine Fahim, Vaumarcus (Switzerland)


Christine is passionate about all the themes that affect the human being and is animated by exchanges and sharing with others. She has trained in many complementary methods for 23 years, between England, Canada and Switzerland. 


She introduced HypnoNaissance, Marie Mongan's method, to Delémont in 2013, and then introduced PSYCH-K® to the region in 2018. In 2021, Christine creates her own birth preparation course:

 "The Journey of Birth in Mindfulness".

A real synthesis of 23 years of practice and personal experience.


Today, she accompanies mainly through PSYCH-K® processes, Foot Reflexology and these natural birth preparation courses. Christine continues to be enriched by each encounter and lives all her exchanges in respect of the human being and in gratitude for the life that inhabits it. 


Her experience, her listening skills and her gentle approach make Christine a sought-after personality.


She is regularly asked: "But Christine, where are you from anyway?

Perhaps it's that little mix of Swiss German, English and Quebecois accents that still sings a little in her expressions. It's true that Christine has travelled and worked in many different countries.

She has opened up to the beautiful diversity of human beings, even though she was already open to it through her first profession, as a psychiatric nurse.  


She continues to be fascinated by a thousand and one different ways of perceiving life.


"Is it precisely this diversity that explains the unique individual that each of us is?

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